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    XTZ Speakers






XTZ Cinema Series M6 Loudspeaker

The M6 represents the perfect combination of crystal-clear sound without any distortion and an unbelievable high volume. For you that means: Perfect sound at any time! 

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£690 each
sony hw55

XTZ Cinema Series S5 Surround Loudspeaker

Hybrid 3- Way surround whith Dipole or Dipole 3X (three directions) To create the perfect balance between efficiency, low distortion and directivity the Dual tweeter is the “heart” of the construction. 

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£950 per pair


The Cinema S2 is a 2-way system for wall and ceiling applications. Both on the back and the bottom there are mounting options which gives it maximum flexibility. With a highly-quality coaxial chassis integrates perfectly into the Cinema Series

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"To put it in context, the XTZ’s build, design, features and sound quality are commensurate with a system costing thousands more

XTZ’s Cinema Series is a sensational speaker system that will be adored by anyone who’s serious about home cinema. Build quality is of the highest order and it’s packed with unique, innovative design features – such as quad tweeters and tri-direction dipole speakers – that don’t just look good on the spec sheet; they actually work." - DANNY PHILLIPS


"Overall when assessing the sound quality and how well these XTZ Cinema Series speakers work together I am struggling to think of any negatives at all. The sheer soundscape they are capable of producing and the way they are so well matched to create a cohesive soundstage, that just melts away and does so on a few levels, makes you wonder why you would want the new 3D sound formats. There are a few occasions when you just hear a well put together speaker and sound system and things makes sense and you are transported away without noticing. That is what the XTZ’s were capable of doing for me in my system and it was the cohesive nature of the performance that nailed it for me. They go loud, they are dynamic and they can get in your face when required. However, at no time were they offensive, sibilant or harsh and were able to be driven by even the most modest of budget AVR without any issues. " - Phil Hinton, Editor of AVForums




"I will state that these speakers are simply outstanding in the home theater. They are effortless, clean, neutral and capable of fantastic imaging. The S5’s in 3X Dipole mode create a holographic rear sound field that rivals the best surrounds I have ever heard, and even outdoes them. " - Dave Upton, Editor Home Theater Forum









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