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Cinema Series S5 Surround Speakers


Price£950 a pair

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9/105/5 Editors Choice

The XTZ Cinema Range have been coveted with a "Highly Reccomended" badge from the team at AVForums.   Read the review - Here


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We are very excited about the arrival of the cinema series by XTZ. The series has been in planning for quite some time and is sure to become our most popular seller upon arrival. Book an appointment for an audition NOW! Limited stock available.

Hybrid 3- Way surround whith Dipole or Dipole 3X (three directions) To create the perfect balance between efficiency, low distortion and directivity the Dual tweeter is the “heart” of the construction. But on each side of the speaker its mounted 2 wideband drivers to be able to choose between Dipole or Dipole 3X whitch is three directions dipole function.
In a sturdy High Density Fiberboard (HDF) cabinet which has been reinforced with internal bars, we have added 8 layers of matte black polyurethane paint to create a timeless and well adapted look for home theaters. The choice of matte paint is also best choice for avoiding disturbing reflections from the screen or projector. The damping material in the cabinet is high grade damping foam whith the max damping coefficient to damp standing waves and sound in the cabinet.Both the grill and logo is fixed whith magnets whitch gives several “looks” for your own taste .
Dual Tweeter array
Two 1” soft dome tweeters are fixed togetther in square to form a Dual tweeter array. The face plate for the tweeters is 9 mm thick die cast aluminum to give a stable and very good cooling effect. The low resonance frequency and high power handling makes this soft dome tweeter the ideal tweeter for this application, where standard soft dome tweeters are not good enough. . 2 tweeters gives obvious advantage whith high powerhandling , very high sensivity and therefor also very low distortion. The usage of Neodymium magnets as power house and copper shorting ring ensures an almost perfect magnetic field for demanding applications. The low distortion is further improved with a diaphragm out of polymer coated Japanese silk a perfect match for the midrange woofer driver. . The rear chamber is tuned to a very low resonance, and also molded in die cast aluminum.
Woofer system
The driver used for the midrange and woofer are 4 “ utilizing cones comprised of a very strong, long fiber pulp blend material which offers maximum strength and rigidity while maintaining minimum mass. The optimized combination of cone angle, dust cap diameter and geometry provides a near perfect piston emulation, maximum cone area efficiency, and controlled high velocity characteristics in both the inward and outward directions. Further the cone is treated with a specialized coating compound, the dust cap is constructed of a long fiber pulp blend with an additional layer of coating on the front side. The basket is made from non-magnetic aluminum. The driver is adapted to be able to handle high power due its strong magnet included aluminum shorting ring.
The internal cabling is realized in 99.99% pure copper wire, which guarantees highest signal transparency . To reduce skin effects and interferences we use low inductance twisted pair wiring .We use high quality components : Air core inductors , Metalized Polyester Film capacitors ,Metalized Polypropylene Film capacitors , 1% non-inductive wirewound resistors , Single stage tweeter level matching, Gold plated connections .
Lots of features
Integrated aluminum keyhole mounting brackets , Flush-Mount bracket ready, Floating cloth grill whith magnet , switching hybrid logo whith magnet , Bi-amp inputs,Dipole function ,Dipole 3X function whith 3 direction sound field .
Type: 3 Way surround ,Dipole ,Dipole 3X direction soundfield
Enclosure: Sealed enclosure
Sensivity: 87dB
Impedance: 4 ohm Nominal
Frequency response: 80 - 30kHz +/- 3dB (in room 70 – 30kHz )
Xover: 400Hz, 1,2kHz
Recommended hipass: 80-120Hz 24dB/oct
Recommended amp power: 50-150W RMS
Size: H 282 x W 203 x D 225 mm 17.3 x 9.1 x 8.7”
Weight : 7.5 kg
Color: Non reflection Matte black 8 layers paint , Piano Black Painted Baffle
Binding post : Gold plated, accepts bare wire, spades, or banana




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