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12 March 2017

We are holding an event on 25th March (strictly by booking only) to showcase our newly refurbished premier demo facility. Importantly, we'll also be revealing the new Cinema Series M8 speakers for the very first time. They'll be here for the day after which they continue their tour around the world. Book early to come over for a listen.

We'll also be showcasing the new XTZ Spirit series which represent absolute value for money.

Audio processing on the day will be provided on the day by Arcam with visual delights advanced by the Epson range of Projectors.


24th November 2016

It's been a busy year!  

Brexit has put a huge dent in the industry and the sinking of Sterling has seen inevitable price increases. We'd like to ensure the readership that the increases have not been out of greed but merely reflect an increase in base price that we pay to get the products here,

We are pleased to announce that we have now been given the accolade of being an Arcam 'Centre of Cinematic Excellence'.

We retail products we believe in and Arcam's recent venture with Dirac had us salivating at the wonderful and engaging Acoustics we were able to achieve in our room through the Arcam series of products. Give us a ring to listen to the range.

Further, we are pleased to announce the addition of another huge brand to our portfolio. Epson have taken huge leaps towards home projection nirvana with their superb laser projector, the LS10000. We are humbled to include Epsons new range including the Epson TW7300, Epson TW9300 and Epson LS10500 as part of our carefully selected catalogue of products. More info to follow shortly.

Call now to book a demo of the Epson range of Home Cinema projectors!

2016 has been a busy year for Home Cinema installs. This year we completed some wonderful installs in West Kensington, Guildford, Fleet, Windsor, Chislehurst, Dorset, Iver and Holyport. We installed for an International footballer who was recommended to us and blown away by our systems

We'll shortly be offering full home automation. The bias will remain toward Home Cinema.

We'll be updating/refreshing our site shortly with more galleries and examples of our works.

If you'd like an Epic Home Cinema, do get in touch.

Thanking our customers for their support.



25th January 2016

A busy start to the new year!

Now in stock, the ARCAM AVR550 and AVR850. Also arriving this week are the new range of Anthem products boasting Dolby Atmos with room correction by the renowned ARC system.

We also have the XTZ Mic Pro back in stock. Priced at £85 this can be used with software like REW and Dirac Live to measure your room. The unit is also compatible with the Arcam 550 and 850's Dirac measurement system.

On a very separate note, we've been busy with installs up and down the country over the last few months. Guildford, Dorset, Holyport, Hammersmith, Kent and the Midlands have seen Epic installations with more due to follow in the coming weeks.

The XTZ 12.17 and 10.17 have proved to be immensely popular. Deep thumping yet controlled bass in a wonderfully presented cabinet design. All at a very affordable price. Please get in touch to book a demo.


24th October 2015

So, the XTZ S2's have now been out for a month and are being enjoyed by alot of end users.

In addition, Hi-Fi World have just released their November edition which features a review of the Master M2. It won 5 Golden Globes! It doesn't get much better than that.

So, what have we been up to ? A few further installs have been booked in and we hope to add a few pics in due course.

We've also refreshed our product list to include a host of new AV recievers and projectors that are releasing. Exciting times. In particular, we are looking forward to getting the Arcam range into our demo room. With Dirac room correction, the 550 and 850 are likely to generate huge interest.

On 29th November 2015 we are holding a forum event. An open day for our customers to come across and listen to the various systems at their leisure. Food and drinks served all day. Very few places left. Book now.



9th August 2015

So, they're finally set to arrive.. Drum roll !

The Cinema Series S2 will be arriving here towards the end of the month. Our demo set are expected a little sooner. Limited initial stock is expected so book your demo and place your order early to avoid dissapointment.

The S2 is a versatile speaker that can be used to support any of the exciting immersive codecs, whether it be Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D or DTS:X. Priced competitively at £280 a pair these speakers will be the perfect height speaker for the end user!




3rd August 2015

Epic Home Cinema and XTZ extend demo's to the North....

We are pleased to confirm that the XTZ Cinema Series can now demonstrated by appointment in the North of the UK for those unable to travel across to London or the South East. We have teamed up with Dr Julian Scott who will be pleased to demonstrate the Cinema Series in their glory from his wonderful dedicated theatre.  A 5.1 system is in place but is due to be extended to a full Dolby Atmos setup in the near future. Please call us for bookings with Dr Scott who will also be pleased to demonstrates the benefit of Video calibration on his superb 4k VW500 Sony Projector..  Demo's are unrushed and by appointment only.


11th July 2015

It's been a busy couple of weeks. The North West Show was a huge success with over 800 attendee's gracing the Epic theatre to enjoy Auro 3D. Our presentation was sponsored by the Auro team in Belgium.

Since the event, we've welcomed the arrival of the new XTZ 99 series! Sublime. The site has been updated with details of the new 99.36 FLR and 99.25 LCR both of which continue the fine tradition of high end music reproduction.

We've also accepted delivery of the Divine Headphones which are just that.. Divine! Details to follow shortly.

Importantly, we've also expanded our reach out to the North with demo facilities now becoming available. A colleague will be offering home visits and demo's in-house should this be desirable up north.

Our ad campaign get's underway shortly. Keep an eye out.

Many thanks to all of you for your continued support thus far.



.. Did we forget to mention, our main theatre is now equipped with both Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D. Immersive Audio at it's very best! In addition, we're running Dirac via the MiniDSP DDRC-88A. Something we also now retail. Call up for more information.


25th June 2015

This weekend we are participating in the North West Show where we'll be exhibiting the XTZ Cinema Series together with the new S2 "Atmosphere" modules that are out shortly.

Do come over and visit.

On Saturday evening (27th June 2015) from 5pm we are opening the room to a few members up North for a demo without the crowds. If you'd like to join us, send us an email and see you there. Else, feel free to visit on the day. Entry is FREE!



12 March 2015

Published today was the AVForums formal review of the XTZ Cinema Series.

Read the review - Here


A forum event has been arranged on 29th March 2015. A fun day where enthusiasts and those interested in a demo gather to play with the various toys available. If interested in joining, get in touch. Limited spaces available.





28th January 2015.

Ok, Firstly, sincerest apologies to visitors of the site for the lack of updates. We've been incredibly busy both before and after Christmas and the new year.

What have we been upto? Well, Dolby Atmos was fully installed in the main theatre in November 2014. The monstrous 3x12 subwoofer was installed and rumbled away at a a fun open day together with a dual stack of XTZ 1x12 subwoofers.

The XTZ Master M2 also had it's first blast at the said forum event and many a speaker were laid out for demo. Check out the range as setup.

In addition to the above, attendee's were treated to some Dolby Atmos material played back in 7.1.4. A few ference sequences were also blasted out upon request. Queue the awkward poses.

The site will be updated shortly to include the new range of products we've now added to our portfolio. Interested in Dolby Atmos or Auro 3d? We now stock a whole range of Denon, Marantz and Onkyo products to cater for the enthusiast. In addtion, we've also got access to numerous custom install products and a whole host of Kef speakers available upon request. The list is endless.

Following a few months of research and testing we're also now very proud to add to our line of products the JBL Professional range of screen array speakers. The 3677's represent value for money and bring authentic Cinema sound to the home. We've recently installed a set at a customers place and he stated:

"The 'home' has now been taken out of my home Cinema, it's now just pure Cinema and nothing less" - Mooro73(AVForum member)

The JBL's are intended for dedicated rooms. They aren't living room friendly unless you are single and prioritise AV ahead of aesthetics. These speakers look best behind a screen to be frank! Placed behind one they produce dynamics, midrange and slam like no other. It's Cinema and nothing less.


Finally, we are pleased to confirm that coming to the Market very soon is something that's been in planning for many months. A dream project and signficant leap for Epic Home Cinema. We're introducing our most ambitious product thus far. Utilising parts sourced from Germany, we're introducing a new product that will accentuate your cinema experience tenfold. Again, reasonably priced and essential to achieving Cinematic nirvana. To be revealed at an event soon.. Watch this space!


24th November 2014

The XTZ Cinema Series has been awarded a phenomenal editors choice and 10/10 by non other than Trusted Reviews. The review was done by Danny Phillips, a well known critic whose works have been published on Trusted Reviews,Tech Radar and Home Cinema Choice in the recent past.

See the review here!

20th September 2014

Just a week ago we held an AVForums forum day attended by members accross the country. Attendees had travelled from Catford, Bedford, West Midlands and Dorset. Thank you to all who made it. We had a fantastic day playing with the entire XTZ series. The Cinema Series was demoed in both demo rooms. It performed incredibly well in the living room with hard floors and hit some serious SPL's in the process. All without a power amp in sight!

A few comments:

..."I had a thoroughly good time, enjoyed every minute of it and well worth the long drive from deepest darkest Dorset. "


"I'll admit that I knew very little about XTZ speakers before visiting Epic home cinema but after spending a few hours with them these little beauties have certainly left a lasting impression. If your in the market for a sub sat system you'd be foolish not to audition the XTZ cinema range of speakers. Mightily impressed, great sound, great looks and a relative bargain price. Miss at your peril. "


"...take the plunge and have a listen for yourself make up your own mind based on what you see and hear, i think you'll be pleasantly surprised"


" was blindingly obvious to me at least these cinema series are truly class leading speakers, plenty of dynamism & clarity, dialogue was exceptional I don't know how they do it for the money they are asking as even spending considerably more I don't think you would get any real aural benefit. The speakers look so sexy and deliver in spades."


7th September 2014

Some interesting data has been made available concerning the new Cinema Series subwoofers.  

Both the 1x12 and 3x12 will go louder and deeper than many a rival subwoofer. The 3x12 in particular has been designed to provide not only audible experience but a physical one.   Should you so desire it, you could find your hair standing on end. There is substantial power within the cabinet.  Add to that the possibility that the subwoofer could be placed either horizontally or vertically. Finally, in typical XTZ tradition, the subwoofers have ample room tuning adjustments to allow you to tweak it to your desired taste.

So, without further ado.

Here's a pdf file concerning the Cinema Series measurements > Here

And one concerning the Sub 3x12 CEA Distortion measurements Here

Compare the results against others by clicking HERE

How are the short-term maximum output's measured I hear you ask?  Ok, click HERE for a very interesting document by D.B Keele. It's around 8mb so will take a few seconds to appear but it's worth the read.  He's the chap who invented the measurement. The CEA 2010 is based on his research.  The document is fairly light reading and will help to interpret the measurements you read.

If you'd prefer to listen with your ears, feel free to pop over for a demo as soon as the sub's land! Hopefully not too long to go.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a ring.




9th August 2014

A few working days ago we welcomed the XTZ range to Epic Home Cinema. The various speakers are now being running in.  First impressions can be summed up in a word..."WOW".

I've been an audio/videophile for years. Arguably more video until a few years ago.

I almost wept like a baby with joy when I first ran the cinema series after some room measurement and correction.  The SPL's these small wonders can hit is phenomenal. Additionally, they aren't just a set of cinema speakers despite the obvious title. They are very dynamic as musical speakers so ideal for concert viewing and/or as part of a 2.1 setup should that be your poison. Matching dedicated stands are available.


3rd August 2014

It's been a roller coaster thus far. We've built up a large client base from Kent, Essex , Manchester and even Ireland.  A number of exciting installls are also planned. Pic's and info will be provided in due course. Filmex has proved popular all over the country with clients deciding to build their own acoustically transparent Home Theatre screens!

In under 48 hours, we'll be welcoming to our facilities the XTZ range of products. We're very proud to bring a UK exclusive to these shores in the form of the new highly anticipated Cinema range!  The initial batch will be in short limited supply with more coming shortly thereafter.

Book your demo now! Or, if you're a member of the ever growing AVForums book yourself in for one of our exclusive Forums events in either August or September 2014... It's going to be Epic!

Check out the XTZ Cinema range site here!

If you have any questions about any of our product range or require any impartial advice feel free to pick up the phone and call us or send us an email/text/whatsapp.

Pics of the refreshed demo room to follow shortly...

1st June 2014

The World Cup is round the corner! There's still time to get a cinema room set up in time for the big games! Call us now to arrange a demo of the Sony & JVC range of Projectors!


28th May 2014

We are extremely proud to have recently celebrated our new association with XTZ of Sweden. Their ethos and goals are in sync with our mission statement.  

“To offer the best relation between price, performance and quality on the market”

Established in 2004 they are a border-crossing network of engineers, technicians, manufacturers and producers - all having significant experience in the world of hi-fi. They’ve collaborated with several companies in Europe and Asia. Manufacturing is done in both Sweden and Asia.

Coming very SOON! Exclusive to these shores, The XTZ Cinema Series. Loudspeakers with exceptional output and the ability to hit those all important high SPL levels.

The speakers are due to arrive in stock in June 2014 with the dedicated subwoofers hitting these shores in July 2014. Watch this space!

Press here for more info.

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